Lilith Astaroth

This is the couch from which Lilith Astaroth plots your eventual downfall, mortal.

When she’s not a 65th-level dark elven wizard able to vaporize dragons with the meekest ammo in her spellbook’s arsenal, Lilith Astaroth does a number of things to keep from having any spare time whatsoever, including modeling, singing, Web designing, acting, playing guitar, and loathing children (unless they’re “slathered in plenty of whipped cream,” she jokes. We think). The latter doesn’t, however, mean she’s not playfully in contact with her inner child — which may explain why she’s into astral projection. Sometimes it’s just good to get away!

She’s been in four bands, and wants to start another. “Someday I’m hoping to put together something really kick ass, rip-your-balls off kinda stuff,” Lilith says, grinning at the noticeable discomfort such words seem to have on your humble narrator. We’re pretty sure she just means it’s going to be fookin’ heavy, man. No need to guard your jewels, gents! But can her hometown of Boston handle such a thing? (Watch out, Choke!) We’ll wait and see. We know Lilith’s bound to succeed wherever she devotes her energy. Says London Hollows, “”Lilith has an amazing voice and stage presence. She has a strange hair cut; buzz all around except for the bangs. This gives her head an embryonic appearance and makes it look slightly deformed.” Nothing wrong with hot mutants in the pre-apocalypse, eh?

Tarantula attack!

While Lilith loves animals, she absolutely despises insects. Depending on how creepy you are, this might mean you, punk! She has no interest in reading whatever passage from the bible you might be pointing to. Especially if it’s got anything to do with the Ten Commandments, which Lilith find to be “superfluous.”

There are a few places you can find Lilith on the Web, but a good place to start would be, appropriately enough, Can’t stop there? Heck, why would you? Try out, while you’re at it. There should be plenty o’ Lilith Astaroth to get your blood pumping!

Lilith enjoys casual day at the pink tank!

Lilith’s parting words to you, our faithful visitor?

“Oh. And vote for me here, please. I wanna rise to the TOP!” So, as David Starsky (or Henry Rollins) might say, “do it.”

The power of Lilith Astaroth COMPELS you!
Lilith Astaroth of Sorrowseed
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